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Born and raised in Taiwan, Jayna started piano at a very young age then picked up viola at the age of twelve. Her classical training granted her admission to Taiwan’s Fu-Jen University in 2008. Jayna graduated in 2012 as a viola major and piano minor. Since her graduation, Jayna became an essential part of the Taiwan music industry— having performed at multiple Pop Concerts, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, The Golden Melody Awards, Hito FM Pop Music Awards, and KKBOX Music Awards with iconic artists such as Jacky Cheung, Leehom Wang, Show Luo, Julia Peng, and Harlem Yu.


Four years after, Jayna sought to pursue a degree in contemporary writing and production at Berklee College of Music in 2016. The next two years at Berklee were immersed in western culture and many abundant music endeavors- from performances unlike ones in Taiwan with Leehom Wang- crossing over to the jazz world with Jacob Collier and Tigran Hamasyan. 


With new soundscapes equipped, Jayna moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2018. Shortly after, she became an NS Design endorsed artist through Quartet405; recorded for Burt Bacharach’s new album; and shared the stage with Avril Lavigne at the Greek Theater, and Jonas Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl. 


Meanwhile, Jayna’s original compositions have started to gain recognition. The Golden Globe Award movie “The Farewell” and shorts such as “Melodrama”, “No Longer Perfect” and “Nomad” were nominated for “Best Original Score.”


In early 2023, Jayna starts to compose for music library publishers such as CHROMA Music and APM Music. Her soundtrack "Heritage" was used in the HBO original series "SUCCESSION" season 4 TV Spot.

Later that year, she composed the main theme music for the 6 wins documentary “DOWNWIND” which stars 

Michael Douglas and Lewis Black.


Today, Jayna aims to set the precedent for being an interdisciplinary practitioner in Los Angeles. 

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